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Headshots – What to Expect

Headshots - What to Expect
Serious questions we know you have: What should you expect on the day of your photo shoot? Is this anything like snapping pics with the fam or besties? Is there a difference between Commercial and Theatrical headshots? Denice has answers for all of that in this online acting lesson. This...
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Headshots – What to Bring

Headshots - What to Bring
Ever wonder what to bring to your photo shoot? Do you want an awesome headshot that will stand out or blend? Should you wear your fave gear with the logos? How many outfits should you bring? What colors make you rock and jump off on the camera? Denice Duff, Top...
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Headshots – Preparing for Your Photoshoot

Headshots - Preparing for Your Photoshoot
Do you know how to prep for your photo shoot? Denice has great advice in this online acting class on prepping and avoiding major changes before the big day. She also shoots from the hip about what’s what inside that makes us slack off. So, let’s get started now! You...
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Headshots – Oh No Nervousness

Headshots - Oh No Nervousness
Do you get nervous during your photo shoots? Ughh, don’t we all! Hands sweaty, knees weak. Are you wanting to pass out right about now? You’re nervous about your photo shoot! Gotcha! Denice has the Nervous cure in this online class for actors. I promise. You’ll be voguing it in...
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