What should a resume have on it and what it should not have on it?

Film Credits - shorts, independents, Television credits, Commercials - Avoid naming the specific commercials, but you can say "list available upon request.' Theatre credits, Training, Special Skills - List as many as you can, but be specific. ie: dancer -- what type of dance? Hip Hop If you are new and don't have anything to put on your resume, you must have excellent training, because that is what the industry will look for. As far as the other elements, I would do what you need to do to create your own short films. Get a make-up artist/hair person, good camera person, lighting, etc. This can be done on a very small budget. You need to create and BE HONEST in listing as many credits as you can. Check out smartactors.com classes for more details. Avoid giving your life story. They don't want to hear a story about your play that was done in the first grade. Instead, just state the facts in a 3 column format resume. Please see Susie Mains class on resumes.