Our referral program is easy: refer actors, earn money! For every new, paying member you refer, both you and your pal receive 20 SmartBucks!  There are no caps and no restrictions, just great rewards! 


  • Can be used towards SmartActors memberships, One-On-One Video Sessions, and SmartDeals
  • Doesn't expire as long as you maintain an account with SmartActors
  • Can be used to refer as many people as you want!

Any Requirements?

  • Must have a trial or annual SmartActors membership
  • If you haven't joined yet, it's simple. Just click the 'register' link below.

How Do I Start?

  • Members can click 'Log in' below to receive your referral link.
  • Once you log in, you'll see your referral link and ways to refer to other actors.
  • How you choose to refer actors is up to you! 
  • Give them your referral link, post on facebook, share on twitter, or use our email form.
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