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Creating a website that represents you as an actor is extremely important and can help you stand out with agents, managers, casting directors and producers. I will help put your best foot forward by creating a high quality website that will make you shine in a sea of actors. Continue reading
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Jamila Allen
You are a brand, and the perfect way to launch yourself into the world is to have your very own website! This is an amazing opportunity that will really help launch your career!
Hi Jamila.. I was wondering if there was a link to this persons work. I'd love to see samples before booking. $199 is a PHENOMENAL deal, but I would love to see the work before purchase. Thank you
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Having a professional website as an actor is important. Just like any other business, actor's have to market themselves. Since, more agents, managers, casting directors and producers are looking at actor websites., creating a website is one of the simplest ways to promote yourself.
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