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Callback Headshots is your one stop shop for great Headshots, Demo Reels, and Video Auditions. You get to keep ALL of the proofs and prices are kept fair and free of hidden costs. Continue reading
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Callback Headshots is your studio great headshots, demo reels, and video auditions. We do our best to keep you happy. This means that whether were shooting your headshots or editing your demo reel, we treat you as we would want to be treated. No one is counting the shots or looking at a clock. Our prices are kept fair and free of surprise costs (with discounts available for referals and children), the work is finished on time, you get to keep ALL of your proofs and headshots, and you can print with us or on your own. Most importantly, we listen to you and your agent throughout the whole process, do our best to keep you comfortable and relaxed, and provide you with great headshots and demo reels that show you off and open doors.
Ask a Question
What happens to the proofs?
You get to keep ALL of the untouched proofs in full res after the session. No extra cost.
How many looks do I get to bring?
Unlimited looks. Seriously. Come in with all the looks you want and choose how many shots you want touched up professionally in post production. You can always purchase additional touched up shots at $25 each.
Can I bundle demo reels and video auditions?
Yep. We offer bundles for both at a reduced price.
Any other discounts?
Repeat clients get a discount and once we've worked with you anyone you send our way gets 10% off the package of their choice.

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