Shooting and Editing Scenes for Actor Demo Reels

Fortuity Productions - Los Angeles

Actors will get 3 short scenes written for them and shot for their demo reel. A final edited version with their name, headshot, and contact info will be provided. Continue reading
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Jamila Allen
A professional demo reel is an essential part of every actors tool kit! It can make the difference in whether or not you get called in for an audition. Reels are a great way to show off your talent, before you even walk through the door. Scenes are also written FOR YOU! You seriously can't beat this.

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Actors will be provided with new non-copywritten material that I can shoot for them to create a demo reel catered to them. All material will be edited together to display their range as an actor. If actors have their own material they want to use, that can be used as well. Scenes will be directed, blocked, and rehearsed on set before shooting.
Ask a Question
What equipment do you use?
I shoot in full HD on the Sony FS100 Super 35mm camera. I provide lighting and professional sound capture.
How many actors can be in a scene?
Scenes can be shot with one to three actors, providing master and coverage shots.
How do I receive my finished product?
The final product will be provided on a DVD as well as an internet friendly file for uploading and sharing.

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