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An Actor that does not have a Voice Over Reel is literally cutting their opportunities to get hired in HALF! Voice Over is a HUGE part of acting and media needs today, now more than ever with New Media and internet content produced around the world. The Wonderful Thing about Voice Over is you can often do it from ANYWHERE and sometimes don't have to even show up! Many voice over sessions are done at opposite ends of the country or even just done in the convenience of your own home! So getting started is a MUST for any serious actor.
Ask a Question
I heard Voice Over is hard to break into. Why should I bother with a VO Reel?
Voice Over is acting without filming you! That is the only difference. It may seem like only well-known actors do voices for commercials and animation, but so do first-time and beginning actors! It takes practice, work, consistency, and shopping your REEL. Your VO Demo is like a headshot for getting Voice Over work. If you don't have one, you may never get chosen!
How do I know where to start if I want to do Voice Over work?
A great place to start is getting a polished Voice Over Commercial Reel. This will quickly show what you sound like in different situations. This will let people know what your "natural voice" is. We help you choose copy that fits your natural voice and once this reel is completed, you can use it to shop for representation or apply directly for jobs.
Can't my existing agent get me Voice Over work?
Yes and No. Although there are general breakdowns that many agents and managers may get, some Agencies specialize in Voice Over with VO Departments who are sought after for filling Voice Over roles. Just as you can have a separate agent for Commercials and Theatrical, you can have a specialty agent for Voice Over that may get you in front of more opportunities.
I love animated shows. How can I audition for those?
Animation is cast just like on-screen actors are. You need to get representation and submit your reels and auditions to casting, producers, directors, and companies who make animation. We can produce an Animation Voice Over Reel for you but we consider this a specialty reel much like narration, introduction, trailers, and the like. Most people are first hired by their natural voice, and then do follow-up specialty reels for character voices or narrow focussed niches. But the more you have, the better your chances.

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