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Ready to make a spectacular V-O Demo? Marc Cashman can help. With over twenty-five years of experience in directing voice talent, Marc understands the business of voice acting and knows what top talent agents want to hear from a voice actor. Using a unique direction style, along with a vast library of music and sound effects, he produces outstanding voice over demos that showcase each actor’s signature voice. Continue reading
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Many successful V-O pros have kick-started their careers armed with Marc Cashman’s stellar V-O demo productions, helping them garner work, an agent or both. The cost includes all copy, music and SFX, studio time, engineer, direction and production, and one demo prep coaching session just before the actual recording session. It also includes one free 15-minute evaluation to determine if you're ready. So when you’re ready to make your V-O demo (or want to change the one you have) and want it to sound spectacular, listen to demos he’s produced. Go to http://www.cashmancommercials.com/index_vo.html and hear what your V-O demo could sound like!
Ask a Question
I don't live in or near L.A. How can I do this?
Remotely. Coaching is done via phone or Skype, and production will be done the same way, directing you via phone-patch or Skype in a professional studio.
I don't have a pro home studio. Where would I record my V-O tracks?
At a commercial studio in or near where you live. Your studio costs would be deducted from the cost of the demo.
How long does this process take?
It varies, but on the average, 2-4 weeks.
Why so long?
The entire process--finding the right copy, music and SFX to be custom-tailored to your voice takes time. There's also post-production, which takes even more time.
How long will my demo be?
It varies, but usually between 60 and 90 seconds.
Will I receive a Master file and do you keep a safety?
Yes, we keep backups to all our demos.
Can I use this demo on my website and to get an agent?
Absolutely--that's what it's for.

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