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Marc Cashman, world-renowned voice acting instructor, is now offering one-on-one coaching for voice actors, world-wide. No matter what level you’re at and no matter where you live, you can get professional coaching from an award-winng director and voice talent, all in the comfort of your own home. Continue reading
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If you’re a Beginner, Marc Cashman’s instruction will kick-start your V-O experience, building the strong foundation every voice actor needs to know. If you’re at the Intermediate level, with some courses under your belt, he’ll help you strengthen your skills, to diminish or eliminate your weaknesses and find your strengths. If you’re an Advanced student, he’ll help you achieve proficiency, preparing you for the all-important V-O Demo that every voice actor needs to get an agent and work. And if you’re a part-time or full-time working voice actor, Marc will help you hone your talent, giving you the tools and the confidence you need to catapult your performances to the next level and book more V-O work.
Ask a Question
Do I have to be in or near Los Angeles?
No. No matter where you live, you can receive coaching via Skype.
Do I need a microphone set-up?
Eventually, if you want to pursue voiceover. But it's not necessary initially if your computer has a built-in microphone.
Could I get coaching over the phone?
Yes! And you can record the entire session for playback afterward.
Can I get coaching in different areas of voiceover?
Yes. Commercials, narration, e-Learning, animation, audiobooks, videogames, promos, trailers and more.
Is there homework?
Absolutely! You can't progress unless you put in the practice. I send you homework days in advance and expect my students to be prepared for each session.
How long are the sessions?
One solid hour.
Can I schedule coaching sessions when I want them, not on a weekly schedule?
Yes! That's the beauty of phone or Skype coaching. You schedule sessions at your convenience.
Could I schedule a session on a weekend day or evenings?
Sometimes, depending on my schedule.
What if I have to cancel at the last minute? Is there a cancellation fee?
No! If you have to cancel for any reason--family, work, life... just contact me ASAYK (as soon as you know) and we'll re- schedule.
So there's no cancellation fee?
Correct. Because I reserve the right to re-schedule at my end if I need to at the last minute. Quid pro quo.
Do you take anybody?
Anyone with an interest in voiceover, who wants to really learn how to deliver copy or text effectively and competitively.
Is there an interview?
Yes. I vet all students via phone, Skype or email.
How long does it take to be good enough to be professional?
That depends on many factors: training, demos, agents, dedication to the craft, luck and timing--variables that determine "how long." But if you've got a passion for voiceover, and you follow your muse, you'll get good enough.
Do you turn anyone away?
Do you work with minors? A: In my classes in L.A., no--only students 18+. But over the phone or Skype, yes! There are a lot of talented voice actors under 18.
Do you work with minors?
In my classes in L.A., no--only students 18+. But over the phone or Skype, yes! There are a lot of talented voice actors under 18.

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