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Andrew Benne

Top Acting Coach

Top Acting Coach

Since opening his first acting studio in 19... Read More

Top Acting Coach

Since opening his first acting studio in 1989, Andrew Benne continues to be an extremely active force in Hollywood, coaching an impressive list of working actors for nearly two decades. Branching out on his own a year later, he opened the celebrated Moment to Moment Studio in the heart of Hollywood, where, as Artistic Director for ten years, he developed and refined his own personal acting technique. The groundbreaking result - which he has come to call "The Work" - has been taught to hundreds of students over the years, a high percentage of whom have gone on to become successful working actors. In 1999 Andrew was asked to teach The Work at several noted universities. He subsequently taught the Meisner technique at the New York Film Academy, and served on the faculty at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Hollywood during its inaugural year. In 2001 he opened The Andrew Benne Studio, his third working studio, in a thirty-five seat Equity-waiver theater in the newly-established NoHo Arts District, where he continues to offer a variety of classes for both beginning students as well as seasoned actors. An actor and director in his own right, Andrew has appeared in several films and television shows and numerous commercials, and has directed several Equity-waiver hits and has won a Dramalogue award and an L.A. Weekly Critics Choice award. In addition to acting, directing and teaching, Andrew is currently working on a book of his work. Articles, Books, or Magazines Videos Social Networks      

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Actor Reviews

Andrew Benne is amazing. He was one of my first teachers/coaches in Los Angeles and I learned so much from him. He taught me so much about being in the moment and challenged the heck out of me - which I so appreciated! His method of teaching really forces you to make really strong, specific decisions and that has helped me so much in my career. I highly recommend his classes/coaching to any actor...and have recommended him on many occasions! If you want to take your work to the next level, he is your man.
Mara Marini
I learned a great deal from him as an actor, he was a great friend, he provided me with a space where I could practice my craft, and hone my skills as an actor. One of the most important things I learned from him was that I should trust myself, that I am enough. If you take his class, you will know what I mean!
Iqbal Theba
I learned in Andrew's class is to be specific, connected and trust my instincts. Thanks Andrew!"
Sarah Wright
Andrew Benne has a tireless passion for finding the truth in acting. His commitment and dedication to the process has been invaluable to me.
Eric Close
I never considered myself a real actor. That is, until I became one in Andrew Benne’s class. Having had a career as an actress and host in front of the camera, and a writer/producer behind the camera for almost 20 years now, I believe Andrew has helped me prepare for any creative project that has come my way. Whether it be replacing a cast member in a movie with 2 hours notice, prepping for a role that scared the **** outta me, taking the stage to demand the attention of a rowdy charity event crowd, successfully surviving reality TV, or engaging and interviewing all kinds of people from all over the world – even the downright bizarre ones – what I learned in Andrew’s acting class has been invaluable. With no nonsense exercises like Raw Moments (don’t worry you don’t have to breathe through your eyelids or “be a tree” or other such nonsense) I discovered how to be present, listen and react wholeheartedly, in any situation, using my own truth. Andrew’s scene study teachings helped me further my skills of breaking down a script and making a character my own. Not just making choices on paper and in my head, using my well played out tricks, but actually translating all the “homework” into honest action …into acting. Anyone wanting to dive in 100% to be the best actor they can be will benefit from having Andrew Benne on their team
Kira Reed Lorsch
I have over 65 major acting credits in tv and film the last 15 years of my acting career..But i had no idea how to really act until I wandered into Andrews class years ago. I learned so much about myself and gained confidence in my ability as a actor I never had before. I can walk into a audition now with the tools I learned in class and own that room. I don’t care if there is 30 producers and the head of a network in their staring me down. Andrew will free your mind up to become what you want to be…..A working actor.
Brett Wagner
I don’t even know where to begin. I've known Andrew for nearly 14 years. It would be an understatement to say that I was “lucky” to cross paths with this incredible life force that happens to be the best acting teacher. Ever. First of all, I have no doubt that I would have never deepened my love for the art of acting had it not been under the influence of Andrew’s wisdom, commitment, passion and utter respect for the craft. Moreover, I can confidently say that his guidance and support taught me discipline and focus so that I was able to actually make a living doing it, and with conviction. To study with a teacher with an integrity that matches his talent is one of the most encouraging, humbling and exciting experiences an artist can have. If you really want to do the work, be challenged, have your life changed, your mind blown, if you never want to stop growing or learning – if you really want to be an actor – he’s your guy. If you’re in it for anything else – don’t waste his time.
April Matson
I began taking class with Andrew back in 2000 and I'm very happy that I did. He gave me the foundation that I still use to this day. He helped me ground myself in the moment and become emotionally free in the scenes I worked on. There are many layers that an actor has and Andrew is a pro when it comes to helping you peel them and expose the raw talent that is within.
Aaron Perilo
I have had both the pleasure and the honor to study with Mr. Benne for many years in the early to mid 90’s. He has an incredible eye for the truth and demands nothing less from his actors. He himself is a passionate gifted actor and storyteller and through his gift he enables the actor to find the truth moment to moment. He created scenes that would take us out of our heads and force us to deal with what we had in front of us. This was a marvelous foundation to take our work to the next level. It got us living in the imaginary circumstances and dealing with said circumstances in a real and natural way. From here we could apple the same principles to the written script. I have used his techniques time and again for auditions and when I am shooting. I have been very grateful for the amazing tools Mr. Benne has given me and these tools have helped me successfully work and make a living solely as an actress for the past 20 years. The biggest thrill is reporting to set and seeing some of my former classmates working on the same project. I am thrilled that Mr. Benne has returned LA and look forward to coming to his classes once again. One should never stop fine tuning and working on one’s craft if one wants to continue working. I can’t wait to see the next level Mr. Benne will lead me to.
Norma Maldonado-Buha.

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Industry Reviews

I have known Andrew for years and become friends with a handful of actors who have attended his classes. All have expressed how beneficial this has been for them in various aspects of the trade. As well, I have worked with a few of his students on short and feature film projects. They were always the best on set. Professional, prepared and their performances were golden.
Dusty - DePree Director
Andrew Benne has been teaching actors with all levels of experience and, having taken many of his classes over the years, would highly recommend both his classes and one-on-one coaching! You will find Andy to be an expert at aligning your talents to the demands of a particular role and willing to give you honest feedback in a professional and articulate way. I have much respect for his talent as a teacher!
Rod Wingfield - Director Human Resources at The Walt Disney Co
I've hired several actors from the Andrew Benne Studio and love the professionalism that Andrew's students bring to the set.
Richard Friedman - Director
My company has hired several actors from the Andrew Benne Studio. Either in comedy, drama, or in the recording studio, Andrew's actors are creative, spontaneous, intelligent, and really go the distance.
David Kitchens - Producer
I have been working with Andrew Benne for more than a decade and I am not only a better actor because of his coaching and training techniques, but my writing and directing skills have also benefitted from years of study with Andrew Benne. His teaching gift is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets.
Alex D'Lerma - Film maker/Actor/Teacher
I have always found actors from Andrew Benne's studio to be totally prepared, professional, and ready to be innovative on my productions. The actors from his studio are not only prepared for audition, but also ready to deliver in the high pressure atmosphere on a film set
Mike Dare - President, Dare Films
I was a talent agency for over twenty years. I had sent clients to other acting coaches with not much success. Once I started referring my talent and potential clients to Andrew Benne, confidence and bookings increased ten-fold. Andrew Benne has unique insight to develop actors craft and persona. His Actors really know who they are and what they are selling, it makes the agents job much easier.
Erika Wain - Erika Wain Agency

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