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Graham Shiels

Top Acting Expert

Graham currently stars as King Aegeus in Syfy Channel's mythological t... Read More
Graham currently stars as King Aegeus in Syfy Channel's mythological thriller OLYMPUS Thursdays at 11pm and recurs as the arch-villain Victor Krane on Disney XD's comedy LAB RATS. He’s played the iconic characters of D.C. Comic's Solomon Grundy on The CW's ARROW and the blood-thirsty vampire Liam in the premiere season of HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Feature films include Jim Carrey’s YES MAN and the Marvel features GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and THOR: THE DARK WORLD. Graham is a graduate of the prestigious Yale School of Drama and also teaches acting at Graham Shiels Studio.

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This expert is usually available between 7 AM and 9 PM PST Monday – Sunday

Actor Reviews

Time flies but I’ve known and worked with Graham for over ten years now. His acting is incredibly passionate with a great range of vulnerability and facility in drama and, though not explored yet by Hollywood, comedy! He is deeply caring, gracious, and earnestly fascinated by the craft of acting, both in himself and others. As a coach, Graham has a unique gift of seeing beyond the text into the intrigue and mysteries of character. A mandate of Graham’s is that we need to get out of our own way and let the audience/auditor do the work, instead of us doing it for them. That’s when truly memorable performances take place. A high bar but one he holds himself and others to.
Even when I feel pretty good about what I’m doing with a piece, I inevitably come out feeling far better after working with Graham. His combination of smarts, spot on instincts, classical background, top notch training, and years of varied experience, make him the ideal coach – one whose input and guidance I can trust. With the utmost honesty and respect, Graham guides me and evokes my best work without ever being overbearing.
Roxana Brusso, Recurring: SOUTHLAND, TOUCH
I believe it was his way of helping one really find that character within yourself and the emotional steps needed to take you there not only in speech but in body too,when they come together you nail it! What has stuck with me the most and has good reason was Graham saying “you have to go in and nail your audition down from start to finish” and that’s what I did! All my scenes are with the 2 lead actors. Again my thanks to Graham.
Graham broke down the essential parts of believable acting into tiny pieces, then allowed me to build them back up again on my own so that it all makes sense to me, making it a snap to continue improving on my own. I saw a definitive improvement in just four weeks. There is nothing fake about it. He teaches you how to make it real and how to make it last and there is no acting mumbo jumbo about it. It just all makes sense.
Noelle Christie
Learning from Graham was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on a class. He has a knack for making concepts clear and easy to understand and helps guide you through the work. Most of my script analysis work comes from what he taught me. “Be extremely specific with your choices:” this was something I had heard a lot but Graham showed me how to do that.
Isaac Keoughan
Graham Shiels is an amazing teacher and coach. This is not because he is an expert in his craft–even though he is–it’s because he takes the time and listens to each of his students in order to modify his techniques to create a break through for each individual’s work. I experienced this through his coaching and his direction given towards other students looking to hone their own craft. Thanks Graham for all your help.
Drew Conlon

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