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Lara K.Wessel

Acting Coach

Grew up in New Orleans,La. Aunt was huge influence in my life, school ... Read More
Grew up in New Orleans,La. Aunt was huge influence in my life, school teacher who started a school of the arts called New Orleans Center for Creative Arts,N.O.C.C.A.& as child observed backstage auditions for dance, theater, music& performing artist every Sat.@ Prytania Theater there. In grade school she married my Uncle who was a Director of a Theater with the Everyman Players his company who toured around the world, 24 years@ which time he acquired a publishing co. of children's plays called Anchorage Press& was Editor for over 25 years. I worked for Press throughout h.s.& college& learned that aspect as well as acting in those years. Went to ASU because of their child drama dept., one of best in country& took classes in child drama& Drama, general studies covering all aspects of Theater, lighting, directing, acting, costume, set design, playwriting. Got acting bug& 2 years after graduating went to NYC to study acting. Since then have been in plays, commercials,t.v.& film& served as asst. director in 2013 in short, Sensory Overload, Dir.Rogelio Fojo.

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