How Do I get started?
Once you sign up, get accepted to become a SmartRep, go over the training material, you are ready! We have a support team in place to help you every step of the way.

What makes SmartActors different from any other online business for actors?
We are one of the first of its kind, doing research for nearly 2 years before launching and grabbing the most caring instructors who take pride in seeing our actors become successful. Lots of love and time goes into making each class special to enhance the actors learning experience.

Will someone teach me how to sell SmartActors to my friends and fellow actors?
Yes, we have print material to help with that. Each SmartRep will have a mentor to help every step of the way.

How should I go about selling SmartActors products?
If you are already a member and believe in the product, just spread the word from your heart, and other actors will want to know more about what you believe in. Once you sign up, we’ll give you more detailed marketing support to ensure that the process is simple, easy and fun.

What age do you need to be to sell SmartActors Products?
At least 15 years of age. If the SmartRep is under age 18, they will need a legal guardian supervising at all times.

Who can sell SmartActors products?
Anyone who believes in actors and helping actors dreams become a reality.

Would I be an employee of SmartActors if I become a SmartRep with you?
No, all of our SmartReps are self employed or independent contractors. You will be responsible for filing your own state and federal tax forms. Please check with your accountant about possible write offs for working out of your home.