A few tips for the beginning Actor

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A Few tips for the beginning Actor


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Get some training by taking acting classes. A GREAT suggestion would be the SmartActors.com online acting classes. Learn about such things as character development, vocal inflections, movement, stage direction, performance techniques and much more. You may want to see if community colleges in your area offer classes or workshops for acting.

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Get started performing wherever you get a chance. Audition for a part in your church play or get involved with theater, wherever you get a chance to act. This will provide you with experience and give you the opportunity to see what it's really like to perform in front of an audience.bongbaby86.tripod.com

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Get professionally done headshots as well as a well-done resume to present to potential agents, casting directors and anyone else you wanna work with. If either of these things are “no bueno”, you might not even be considered for an audition.

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Get some background work under your belt. Being on set teaches you amazing things. You can learn terminologies, rules, and the level of professionalism that is required from cast and crew. You may even be lucky enough to snag SAG vouchers! Photo courtesy of armchairactorvist.blogspot.com
Once you feel you have gotten more experience (and an excellent coach WILL let you know) it’s time to seek representation!  Be aware that there are LOTS of bad peeps out there looking to take your cash. So be CAREFUL!Photo courtesy of freesinage.com

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Get referrals from other actors about which agents they use or have heard good things about and, once you decide to start checking them out, check with the Better Business Bureau to check on any past complaints about them. Once you do find a trustworthy agent, you will have somebody who will become actively involved in trying to get you work and who will be focused on your success.Photo courtesy of BIBA.com

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Develop good habits. Be prepared for ANY audition you get. Be ON TIME for rehearsals, performances and/or shoots. Know your lines, put forth your BEST efforts and be cooperative with those who are in charge of you. The better your rep, the better chance you have of people being willing to work with you. Even if you have AMAZING talent, no one wants to work with somebody who is ALWAYS late, a pain to work with and thinks they run the show!Photo courtesy of danhollander.com

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Toughen up! Acting is an extremely competitive profession, so you can expect that you will receive rejections, sometimes many of them. Your determination in your pursuit for success  allows you to see rejection as an motivation toward reaching your goals. If you are unable to deal with this realistic part of acting, then it may not be the right profession for you.

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  1. cookr755 says:

    Acting is a hard work. Before pursuing an acting career, make sure you really want to be an actor and are not just looking to be famous. They are two separate things. You must want to be an actor to be good at it.You must have a resume, even if you do not have many acting credits. You do not need a page full of paragraphs of text talking about your acting. Consider having a professional prepare your resume. A good resume includes contact information, personal statistics.

    Jason Van Eman

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