Acting 411

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Why do I need acting classes? How do I know which classes are best for me? How do I get an Agent or a Manager? Who takes the best headshots? These are questions we have ALL had at one point or another and honestly speaking, it’s a pretty chaotic task getting most, if not ALL of these questions answered. Sometimes you think, “I’d rather have teeth pulled!”.  And we all know how much “FUN” that is! Photo courtesy of



Photo courtesy of is HERE! With our selection of knowledgeable instructors teaching you via our online classes, you are guaranteed to get answers to EVERY question that you may have regarding the industry! How AMAZING is that? To have EVERY question answered by an industry PROFESSIONAL?! WHOA is RIGHT! Photo courtesy of


At we have several AMAZING Award winning Casting Directors, Top Agents and Managers and World renowned coaches. The most sought after pros out to date! Like world renowned Director and Coach Alexia Robinson, Top Manager Susie Mains, Award winning Casting Directors Twinkie Byrd and Megan Foley and that’s just to name a few of the biggest people in the industry you can be connected to! Who else better to learn from than the people making the ACTUAL decisions!? With 24 hr access to these instructors, you can get info you need when you NEED it!  

Photo courtesy of…. It’s where ALL the SMART ACTORS GO!!