Be a SMART Actor.

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It’s all about the BIG BUCKS!!!  Yeah, not really. Sure for SOME that’s what the end result is ALL about… Then there are those who would spend their LIFE on a stage or in front of a camera…. FOR FREE. Not to knock the “In it for the money” group, but acting is NOT just about the money.

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Acting is simply put… “STORYTELLING” . Telling the story the way the Director envisioned it…. HONEST.

At… You are taught JUST that. How to connect with your character on every level. To create a background, a want and a need… We have amazing coaches who will train you to connect so deeply and profoundly even YOU will be amazed at your ability to transform.

Photo courtesy of can be reached from ANY where at ANY time, 24hrs a-day, 7 days a-week. With classes starting as low as $3.99 taught by some of the best in the business, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity! Trained by top pros in the industry who had a hand in the success of many superstars today including Fergie, Tia & Tamera Mowry, Tahj Mowry, Brian Austin Green, Katherine McPhee and tons of others. So don’t miss out!! I mean, can you afford to?

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So, we are here waiting on YOU…. What are you waiting for?… It’s where ALL the SMART Actors go!