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Casting Etiquette

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Check this online acting class out! Megan Foley wants to show you, yes you how to win over in your castings. She’s telling it all and if you want the 411, you don’t wanna miss this. The info she has is usually on a need-to-know basis but she’s letting the cat out of the bag. If you are just starting out or have been around and around and around you don’t want to miss this. She’s got scoops bigger than Cold Stone. You better come get some. Be IN the game. Not on the sidelines.

Class Questions and Comments

  1. […] Being prompt shows the casting director that you are responsible and a professional. Professionals understand that being late can put others in an uncomfortable situation. Casting directors sometimes think if you are late for your audition, you may show up late on the set if hired. Being late on the set can sometimes cost the production money (More on casting etiquette). […]

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