Do YOU Love Acting?

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Do YOU love acting?


Acting can be the worst field in the world if you don’t LOVE it… If you aren’t PASSIONATE about it. If it’s just a “HOBBY”.


It’s NOT FaceBook..  You can’t  just “Like” it.


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Acting needs to be your reason for being… The air you breathe & every move you make.

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It’s WHO you ARE… WHAT you ARE… You eat, sleep and drink acting. There is NOTHING else in this world you want or need more. If this isn’t your DAILY mindset, you’re already on the wrong path.

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It’s true… Acting is a difficult journey but it can be done when the heart is truly in it. It can often  start with  endless auditions (Sometimes you feel like you make it to the end and still aren’t chosen.. Don’t give up!), multiple interviews (Sometimes we need more than one to be sure we are with the right people), more NO’S than YESES (Remember it’s NOT about you… There are times when we don’t have the right look, height, or even resemble a not so popular family member.. It happens), little to know sleep (It takes time to create magic and just remember.. YOU are a part of that magic), 15 hr work days (You LOVE acting SO much.. Doesn’t really feel like work at all), little to no social life (Travel is a HUGE part of this business. You have to promote your work so people rush to see it! How exciting!!)

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With PERSISTENCE, DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE and FAITH the prize is waiting for you. It’s ALL up to you. So tell me… Do you LOVE acting? If your answer is yes “I DO love acting!” then

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