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This simply cannot be stressed enough! Being ORGANIZED is critical to this business. You have to keep track of appointments, auditions, classes, interviews, workshops, callbacks, and the list goes on! Can you imagine missing even ONE of these? Once in this business your life revolves around schedules, calendars, and maintaining a clutter-FREE organized LIFE:

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Here’s a few tips on helping to keep you… Out of the CLUTTER:

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1.       Writing down and making a mental note of your TOP 5 things is key. All else will fall in to place under the TOP 5.

2.       Choose one gadget to keep all your appointments and STICK with it. (i.e. Smart phone, Lap top, ipad, etc) Keeping your LIST in multiple places just causes confusion and the possibility of misplacing something VERY important.

3.       Unapologetically take control of YOUR time AND priorities! Make use of the word NO! This is YOUR LIFE.

4.        Have a REALISTIC expectation for the level of organization you can maintain. Taking on TOO much is just what staying organized is used to help prevent.

5.       Lastly and most importantly… REST… Believe it or not, rest is what is needed MOST of ALL in order to FOCUS so that you can ORGANIZE which = SUCCESS



Well, we hope that these few tips on getting and STAYING organized has helped you!