Give us what we WANT!

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 Give us what we WANT!

The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing or falling asleep.
Benjamin Franklin & end quote added anonymously Photo courtesy of

Movies are meant to be deeply felt. Whether it’s a comedy, tragedy, romance or action, it should ALL be felt. You should watch a movie and cry, laugh, scream, and jump out of your seat. Cheer for the good guy (and sometimes the bad guy)! Photo courtesy of


We pay good money to watch GREAT movies… We can sleep at home. Photo courtesy of


So, give us what we are paying for! The only way to do that is to have the RIGHT training to get you the roles that we want to see…. AGAIN… AND AGAIN…. AND AGAIN. Photo courtesy of

 We want to laugh… We EXPECT to! That’s why we stand in those great awful lines. To see AMAZING performances by dedicated actors who commit to the story and the character. Bringing them to LIFE and making the audience feel connected, involved, entranced, captivated….  A Part. Photo courtesy of

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