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Do you think Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp became AMAZING "character actors" by duplicating others? On the contrary, they became those characters simply by being... ORIGINAL. Now think about it... Can you honestly visualize ANYONE else in the roles that either of them have portrayed? ABSOLUTELY not! ORIGINALITY... They have it and WE want it! You have to BELIEVE in YOURSELF in order to accomplish it. In a world where you can be ANY THING.... BE YOURSELF!

At online acting classes and coaching we give you the tools to go into audtions and give undeniably unforgettable performances... Performances so amazing that even if you don't fit a certain part, they'll want to see you anyways, perhaps for next time. The point is to become someone other than the "norm" that they are use to. To make an UNFORGETTABLE inpression on those that ultimately make the YAYS and NAYS regarding YOUR career. Be someone they don't... No CAN'T forget.

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So, now that you have a general idea of what ORIGINALITY is.... What are you waiting for?

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