He’s the one that you want!

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He’s the one that you want!

 Photo courtesy of techshrimp.com


Who doesn’t know John Travolta?! If you don’t… Well, let’s do a little background on this PHENOMENAL Actor: 1972 JT starred as Chuck Benson on a t.v. series Emergency, followed by starring roles in multiple television series such as Medical Center, Mr. T and Tina and t.v. movies like “The boy in the plastic bubble” in 1976 then on to star in face great favorites like Saturday night fever and of course the most memorable and highest grossing film in John Travolta’s career to date….. Well, it’s Grease Lighteniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Photo courtesy of allmoviephoto.com


John Travolta went from tv series regular to one of films most sought after actors around! With Blockbuster hits like Face-Off, The taking of Pelham 123, From Paris with Love, the Punisher and the wonderfully written and executed Swordfish with Halle Berry. Photo courtesy of allmoviephoto.com


With movie roles being thrown at him left and right, John keeps knocking them right out of the park! With so many HITS, you may mistake him for a baseball player! Both an amazing husband and father devoted to making his family his priority, he’s no stranger to multi-tasking! Currently filming Savages, directed by movie mogul Oliver Stone, alongside other box office greats like Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek and Blake Lively, he’s just getting started…… AGAIN!

FAMILY MANPhoto “Travolta family” courtesy of nydailynews.com


FROM PARIS WITH LOVEPhoto “From Paris with love” courtesy of parentpreviews.com


THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123Photo “The taking of Pelham 123” courtesy of comingsoon.net



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