If you don’t LOVE it… Don’t DO it!

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Why do you act? Is it a hobby? Sheer enjoyment? Or perhaps a BURNING desire that NEVER dies. A thirst that seems unquenchable. Do you NEED to do it as much, if not more as you NEED air to breathe?

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IF Acting is is TURLY the LOVE of YOUR LIFE.... Then you should feel as though you can NOT and WOULD not EXIST without it. YES... THIS is PASSION. KNOW it... LOVE it... Or... Just DON'T DO IT! It's as simple as that. Don't do it because it looks "cool" or you want fancy cars and clothes... OR because you want FAME. Seriously... Get into another profession, like Medicine or Law.. Plenty of money for fancy digs and rides to be made there. Just do what you LOVE. How will you KNOW what you're doing is EXACTLY what you should be doing:

1. It's ALL you think about

2. You can't see yourself doing anything else with your life.

3. You don't have a Plan B.

4. EVERYTHING you do pertains to Acting.


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