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Good Company? That’s EXACTLY what you are in with and our students. The students here are like family… No, we ARE family. Not only do our students get to hear from us, but also from their peers. They get a chance to share valuable insight  and info with one another. We GROW and EXPERIENCE together. At… You are DEFINITELY in GOOD Company!


Browse our tutorials for FREE or check out all the FREEBIES in our Actors Resources  we have for you… Discounted headshots, How to’s on making Indie films or perhaps typing up your first resume. If that’s not enough peruse or BLOGS… If you’re reading this… I guess you’re ahead of us! Don’t forget to stop by the FORUM and share your experiences or perhaps share yours!


With 24-hr, 7 days a-week access to our pros, you will always have the answers to your questions when you NEED them and not a moment later. From the comfort of your very own home, desktop, laptop, PC, passenger seat, or beachside resort on your SMART Phone… We are here to Teach, as well as learn from you… online acting classes are the most revolutionized ways of getting the training you need with the industry professionals you can trust!


With access like tis taught by Industry pros like NAACP nominated Director and Coach Alexia Robinson, Award winning Casting Directors Megan Foley and Twinkie Byrd, Top Talent Expert Annie Schwartz, Top Acting Coach Andrew Benne, and Top Manager Susie Mains! So, we are ALL here waiting on YOU… Question is… What are YOU waiting for?…. It’s where ALL the SMART Actors go!