Instructor – Susie Mains – Top Manager

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World renowned talent expert Susie Mains is like a “Kid Whisperer”, an expert on young talent. Being known to have an amazing eye for talent, she’s discovered some of the biggest youth celebs out today! Such as Katherine McPhee, the Mowry twins and Grammy Award winning Fergie to name a few! With her career spanning over 25 years as a Talent Rep in both LA and NY she is the go-to person for young Hollywood talent! Susie has more than the inside scoop in the biz, she has it all.
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With her expertise, smarts and talent Susie is creating stars left and right. Guiding them, protecting them and most importantly, she’s respecting them. A regular on Dr. Phil, Susie has a unique approach to her clients. Making them feel like people and not just a product. Selling them, but not selling them out.

If you’re looking for representation that is oozing stardom, then look no further than Susie Mains. Here at we have ONLY the BEST, and let’s face it…. We ALL want the BEST.