It’s ALL true!

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Photo courtesy of IS the most revolutionary way of acting online! We’ve taken acting and created and unbelievable way for you to connect with the top experts in the industry! World renowned coaches, Top Managers and Agents and Award winning casting Directors! All available to you ANY TIME from ANY WHERE!

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From your PC, MAC or SMART phone 24-hrs a day 7 days-a-week! Training is EXTENSIVE and THOROUGH!

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Everything you THOUGHT you knew and then some will be presented to you in these AMAZING online acting classes! Info on Headshots, Auditions, Callbacks, obtaining a Manager or Agent and SO much more! Don’t be left behind! We don’t believe in following trends, but if there ever were a trend to follow…. THIS IS IT! We are waiting on you… What are you waiting for?!…. It’s where ALL the SMART Actors go!!