It’s where ALL the SMART Actors go!

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Looking for the PERFECT place to train? Get advice? Learn from the TOP pros in the industry. Something a little…. REVOLUTIONARY? Well, look no further you have DEFINITELY clicked on the link of all links, the website of all sites, the class of ALL classes…. You’ve found… THE ONE

Photo courtesy of is quickly becoming the “It School” of the acting world. Taught by world renowned Acting Coach and Director Alexia Robinson, you’ll definitely have the leg up when it comes to being “In-the-know”. If there is ANYTHING in the business to KNOW… She will definitely teach it to you! No guessing or assuming what’s going on! How awesome is that! The guessing games are officially over!

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Not to mention having greats like Susie Mains (One of the most sought after Manages around!), Top Talent Agent Annie Schwartz , Award winning Casting Directors like Twinkie Byrd and Megan Foley! You’ve seen movies that were filled with the hottest stars all in one movie! Well that’s what you get here! The hottest Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Managers, and Coaches on the scene! It’s a matter of choosing the BEST!!

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Get in the business of choosing the BEST in all that you do! Make online acting classes YOUR choice! We’re waiting on YOU… What are YOU waiting for?!…. It’s where ALL the SMART Actors go!