Kristen Stewart…. More than just a”Twilight”

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Kristen Stewart
More than just a “Twilight”.


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Known mainly for her role as the beautiful Bella of the Twilight Saga, Kristen has been around for QUITE a while. Stating that acting is beyond a passion for her, Kristen is the type of girl who “Will work FOR food”. Never one for putting the fame above the passion, she has been known to pick Indies over feature films. Although no stranger to the silver screen, Kristen was catapulted to stardom in the first international hit from the book Twilight in 2008.


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 Playing opposites to heavy hitters like Jodie Foster in Panic Room, Kristen has found herself amongst some of the greatest, although many will say that SHE is indeed the GREAT one. Whether it’s portraying Joan Jett opposite Dakota Fanning in The Runaways or Bella Swan in the Sequels of Twilight, her passion is what she creates in every character that she portrays. Never being the one to get “caught up” in the hoopla, Kristen is definitely one to watch. Delivering shattering performances each time out, she puts her ALL into every character and at the ripe age of 20 she’s just getting started!Photo courtesy of


Do you ever see Kristen on screen and think, “I wish that were me.” OR “How’d she become famous SO fast?” It’s simple Kristen has PASSION, DRIVE and a very strong COMMITMENT to the craft. She performs to tell her audience a believable and beautiful story, and never disappoints.


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