Meet the Smiths.

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Meet one of the heaviest hitting hardworking families in Hollywood:

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Will was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air then moved on  after he got “Jiggy” wit it, married the love of his life Ms. Jada Pinkett who caught his eye before she moved on to a different world. Together they have created their very own “Dream Team”. With the tiniest of the bunch Willow Smith whipping her hair back and forth to her platinum hit (at the ripe old age of 10) “Whip my hair”, setting stylish trends that rival her adult counterparts, this tiny ball of energy is only beginning. With movie deals coming left and right she’s one of the youngest and busiest child celebs out to date! With Will and Jada proudly  parenting, managing and chaperoning Willow on her world tour, the Smiths are a BUSY family.

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 Putting 200% into yet another of their famous brood  13-yr old Jaden Smith who first stole our hearts  in “The pursuit of Happyness” starring his very own father Will Smith, Jaden has also proved to be a mini music mogul spitting occasional rhymes here and there, but his heart seems to be in acting. Kicking his way to the big screen in a remake of the infamous “ Karate Kid”, Jaden shows us what dedication and determination is all about. With his own personal style making headlines, Jaden is yet another Smith  to watch. Photo courtesy of


While straying from the ever flashing bulb of the paparazzi, but not falling short on talent, the eldest of the Smith brood Trey Smith didn’t show an interest in the arts but has instead turned his focus on college and football. Being scouted and offered scholarships by FCS Northern Arizona , Trey just may be footballs next big them, but coming from this family it’s only natural that he oozed talent. Photo courtesy of


With Will wrapping up Men in Black III and Jada filming her TNT hit Hawthorne, makes you wonder how DO they do it? It’s simply put COMMITMENT and DEDICATION. They know what they want to do and they make it happen. The Smiths are one of the HOTTEST and MOST talented families walking the Red Carpet to date. With all the fame that the Smiths have attained they still like to be considered as your homeboy and homegirl next door and as Jada says “Holl atcha girl!” It doesn’t get any better than this! Photo courtesy of