Positive attitudes go a long way!

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Surround yourself with positive people in order to achieve OPTIMUM success! Remember, that you have to be POSITIVE in order to attract POSITIVE people. Some ways to remain positive are, 1. THINK positive. Positive thoughts eventually turn into positive actions. 2. SMILE, nothing draws people in like a BEAUTIFUL smile. Lastly, but really important… 3. SPEAK positive. A simple, “How are you?” Can make a world of difference to someone on the outside…. Looking in. Be the BRIGHT light in the crowd! There, your first spotlight. Feels nice, right?

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Directors, Producers and CD’s already have their hands filled with 1000’s of audition, different faces, yes’ and no’s, unpleasant people and the list goes on. So, you can believe that they have little to ZERO tolerance for NEGATIVITY OR UNPLEASANT Actors.. So, to help out and keep you on the “To See” List here are a few things you can say to yourself daily to help you to work towards becoming that positive person:

o You can do it.
o I believe in you.
o I'm proud of you.
o Thank you.
o I need you.
o I trust you.
o I respect you.
o I appreciate you.
o I value you.
o I love you.

Hope these few little sayings help you to become the BEST you and let SmartActors.com online classes help you become the SMARTEST Actor. We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a-week from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. From your Mac, PC or Smart phone. So, we are waiting on YOU… What are you waiting for.

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