The BEST has yet to come!

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Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it sure helps you to overcome just about ANYTHING. No matter what.. You have to believe… The BEST is yet to come. Life has the tendency to take you UP and just as easily bring you DOWN and with that being said… How many times have you fallen trying the same thing, only to get back up… A little smarter than the first time, and the second and then viola! Just like that you decide to CHANGE the way you were doing it in the first place! Now THAT is SMART.

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 Yeah, it is pretty “insane” to take the same classes and never learn anything. To send in that headshot and NEVER get called back. To go on audition after audition and NEVER land that role. So, do tell… Is this a scream for C.H.A.N.G.E … Cut-Off Hesitating Antagonizing Negativity & Gain Excellence. We all have the capability to achieve GREATNESS… What are you waiting for?


At… We are waiting on YOU… What are YOU waiting for?… It’s where ALL the SMART Actors go.