What does a Casting Director Do?

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What does a Casting Director Do?Photo courtesy of invertedproductions.net

So you wanna know what a casting director does, eh?  Well, I’m sure you already know that they have a VERY important part to play in the movie business and you’ll soon find out WHY.  Casting directors are the “go-between” for the director and producers of a movie or television project and the actor’s agents.  Basically they help find the RIGHT talent for directors and producers.

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 Casting directors probably have the busiest job in Hollywood.  It’s their job to find or “cast” all of the roles for any given movie or television project in a limited time.  They are the ones that send out the “breakdowns” to the agents for specific roles they are looking for.Photo courtesy of visualphotos.com

So for example, in a movie script, if there is a little Asian girl who is eight years old, it will be up to the casting directors to let all of the talent agents know that they are looking for an eight year old Asian girl for that particular movie project, get it?  Now as you know, there are many characters in a single movie or television show so you can now guess how busy it would be for the casting directors to find just the RIGHT Actor… One good enough to fit the roles.Photo courtesy of wiki-land.com

So to sum it up:

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The casting director spends most of the day looking at tons of theatrical pictures from various agents. Once they see someone with a good resume’ or experience and someone who may look like the character described in the script, they request an audition to the agent for that particular actor. Photo courtesy of English-learners.com

Then on to the audition for the BIG guys….. But THAT is a whole other story. Photo courtesy of answer.com

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