What’s your Pathway to success?

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What’s your PATHWAY to success? Do you have one or are you just “winging it”? Are you receiving the proper training? Are you FOCUSED? DETERMINED? HARD-WORKING? DEDICATED? Do you know the INS & OUTS of the acting biz? Do you have a GREAT (Not GOOD) headshot? Bringing all you got to the table? If you’ve answered NO to even ONE of these questions….

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SmartActors.com online acting classes isn’t just about training you. We teach you how to manage your time, submit to agents,  get the right photographer, create an excellent resume and point you in all the RIGHT directions. I mean what good is one WITHOUT the other? That’s like a Hamburger with no meat!

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So, you are looking to be trained by the BEST of the BEST then you’ve found them! At SmartActors.com, it just DOESN’T get ANY better than this! Access to Award winning casting directors, top agents and managers, not to mention world renowned coaches and directors 24-hrs a-day… 7 days a-week! Yes, you are reading RIGHT… From your PC, MAC or that handy dandy SMART phone we have ALL that you NEED & WANT in ONE location… Now, that’s just PLAIN GENIUS!

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Hmmm, “GeniusActors” that’s kinda catchy, eh? Well, if you train through us you are definitely ONE or the OTHER! Always thinking outside the box! That’s us… REVOLUTIONARY… Now, THAT is us! Well, we are waiting on YOU… WHAT are you waiting on??


SmartActors.com… It’s where ALL the SMART Actors go!