Will YOU be the next BIG thing?

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Will you be the next BIG thing? Photo courtesy of stagetwo.com



So, you’re sitting at home watching your favorite commercials! It’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. Wait, you think to yourself, “I’m a funny person… I can SO do that!” Photo courtesy of maroontiger.com


Or what about sitting through one of your favorite movies and wishing on EVERY star in the sky to be given an opportunity to show your talent, share your gift?!Photo courtesy of Koreanfilms.com


So, we at SmartActors want to know…. What’s the hold-up? Photo courtesy of audiodaze.org


What are you WAITING for?

Photo courtesy of theaustralianheroindiaries.blogspot.com/2011



The ONLY person that is RESPONSIBLE for YOUR success is YOU…. Not your friend, parents, spouse, agent, OR manager! It’s ALL…. YOU.Photo courtesy of funstoo.blogspot.com


Take responsibility for YOUR life today. Train with those that want you to succeed as much as you WANT/NEED to. At SmartActors.com, you will train with World renowned Coaches, Award Winning Agents and Casting Directors! Agents like Susie Mains who is responsible for discovering and helping to guide mega stars like Fergie, Seth Green, Brian Austin Green, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Tahj Mowry, Adam Brody, and American Idol's Katherine McPhee.Photo courtesy of moviecrunch.com


It’s been said over and over and I’ll say it again… LIFE WILL PASS YOU BUY!! Don’t let your DREAMS die…Photo courtesy of www.the-means-of-life.blogspot.com


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