ALWAYS be prepared.

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In any business, preparation is a strategy that cannot be left out. A chef can't PREPARE his best meal without PREPARATION. Alexander Graham Bell said, "Before anything else, PREPARATION is key." So, how do we prepare for success? In the business of acting there are many things that encompass preparation. Perhaps studying your lines, receiving the proper training, rehearsal, being on time, going to sets and auditions ready. All these things are YOU being PREPARED.

Casting Directors and Agents LOVE when you come to auditions prepared and READY to show your stuff. Don't be "that one" that wasn't ready and end up in the garbage.

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Don't be THAT guy! Staying prepared takes consistency and it has to be mixed in with your determination and your commitment like a yummy smoothie! Take the time to make lists or whatever you NEED to do to get prepared. Stay IN the GAME

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NOT on the sidelines!

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