What is SmartActors? Ten reasons to use it.

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Reasons to use SmartActors

In my previous blog, I spoke about the big new wave in the entertainment/acting industry ... online acting classes.

Finally, a way to train legitimately from the convenience of your home. We aren’t living in the dark ages with zero options for actors to train with Hollywood experts if they live outside of Hollywood.

You now have options to train from anywhere in the world at anytime. So, when you decide to make that leap and move to Hollywood, you will be miles ahead of the rest.

There are a few websites that offer online acting classes. So why should you use SmartActors.com?

They have a Free Trial period so you can check out all of their dynamic features. That's just a bonus!

Here are ten reasons SmartActors stands out from the other guys.

1. Leaders

SmartActors is the leader in the field of online training for actors.

2. Proof

Based on network bookings, proof that online training for actors really works.

3. Experts

Classes are taught by many leading experts who are award winning, world renowned and at the top of their field. This is great for actors because you get training from several different professionals and not just one. SmartActors can be accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime with a MAC, PC or Smart device (iPhone, iPad etc).

4. Affordable Rates

Affordable rates with membership starting at just $10 per month.

5. One Stop Shop for Actors

SmartActors offers everything an actor needs to succeed including Classes. Coaching. Ask SmartActors, which is a service where you can ask a question and get answers from experts you can trust.  Smart Deals, offering services and products for the actor to save you tons of money.

6. Online Classes

Since online classes are the big new wave, actors are finding out that they can train from anywhere at anytime and get valuable information to help them become stronger actors. There are no limitations with training just because you haven't moved to Hollywood, when you are learning from a reputable online school like SmartActors.com. Classes on scene study, improv, audition technique, how to get started, how to get an agent or manager, how to get a great headshot, dialects, and so much more are offered.

7. Skype One on One Coaching

SmartActors One on One Skype coaching is one of the most affordable in the industry, while still having the option to choose from elite coaches. The private Skype sessions are great for preparing your auditions, fine tuning your improv skills, helping to overcome those dreaded nerves, or even getting in a workout session. More and more actors and coaches are finding out that booking ratios are skyrocketing with sessions done via Skype. The sessions start at just $35!

8. Ask SmartActors

Actors can ask whatever question they have about their career or the industry and have an 'expert' industry professional answer the question. Discussion boards are great! However, there is something nice about knowing that you've gone directly to the 'expert' in the field you are seeking answers for. This way, there's no guessing if the comment is accurate or not.

9. Refer a Friend

Actors can make money by just referring their friends and family to the website.

10. Smart Deals

Actors can save tons of money by taking advantage of the smart deals on the site. Deals are offered by vendors who hugely discount their services. Deals are on Classes, Headshots, Video editing and more...


So what are you waiting for Smart Actors? Get your free trial now!


About the Author:

Stephanie Aleksanyan is an actress and an expert in the field of Acting. She is the Vice President of SmartActors.com, offering affordable classes and one on one coaching with celebrities, Award Winning, and Top Acting Instructors.
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