$$$ Story Of My Life – SmartActors’ Online Classes

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$$$ Story Of My Life
Let’s face it, acting classes are expensive. Not everyone can afford to hire the most credible and well known coach right? Or can we? With online classes, a lot more is possible. Acting classes are in high demand especially living in the Los Angeles area. These classes are necessary because acting is the power and the classes are its tools. Prices do vary, so let’s break it down:
Online Classes
For those who want a private coach will of course spend more, simply because you will be the only student in that session and all focus will be on you. The prices for that can range between $50 per hour to maybe even $300 per hour and also we need to take into consideration that some actors will need to travel. So, tack on gas expenses. I am one of many broke college students and as much as I would love to go that route, I may have to take classes elsewhere whether it be at school or even online. Some acting classes can range from $25-$100 per class and some may be more. Also, some coaches may require purchasing certain materials such as props, textbooks, or whatever the coach feels will help you learn the best. I remember I took an acting class in Hollywood for $300 for 3 weeks, and on top of that I had to take the bus all the way over and let’s say I didn’t live very close. To be honest, for all of you who are tired of searching for affordable acting classes, look no more because the classes you’ve been waiting for are now online. Almost every business and school is online now, whether it’s piano lessons, voice lessons, dance lessons, or a myriad of other things.
Online Classes
Let me introduce you to SmartActors.com. They offer affordable acting classes online and are taught by award winning experts. The reason why it worked out for me is because I was able to do it from any location, meaning I could be on the other side of the world and I can still be coached as long as I had a webcam and internet. I can have coaching lessons via Skype, I can watch and re-watch their online classes over and over and pause whenever I want. They even have a Smart Deals section where actors can shop and save $$$ on actor related products. I get all of this and it’s in the comfort of my own home. There are way too many perks. If you’re open to trying something different, I say you go for it. I mean, you really have nothing to lose. SmartActors.com has a 7 day free trial too! Say it with me, “Acting classes online.” It’s SMART, ain’t it?   By: Kristen Marquez