Commercial Audition Tips

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Commercial Audition Tips

Commercial Audition Tips
Commercial auditions are a great place to start. But they aren’t like theatrical auditions. In theatrical auditions, you normally read a script with a reader or sometimes, another actor. In commercial auditions, it’s a little more complicated. There is a long list of the different types of commercial auditions.

Only a small excerpt of the list includes:

  • Dialogue
  • One-liners
  • Monologue copy
  • Short scenes
  • Longer scenes
  • Two or more person scenes
  • Improvisation
  • Reactions
  • Skills
  • Questions

We’ve put together some commercial audition tips to help you prepare for your next commercial audition.

  1. Confirm Appointments: Respond to whoever contacted you to confirm your audition.  If you do not respond in a timely fashion, they may give your time slot away to a more eager actor.
  2. Verify the Information: Make sure to verify that you have the correct information – and that you have ALL the information. You cannot prepare if you don’t know which role you are auditioning for. And you definitely can’t audition if you don’t have the proper address.
  3. Practice the material: If the material is made available to you, make sure to prepare it, practice it, and then practice it some more. For most dialogue commercial auditions, CDs make the copy available on submission websites for the auditioning actors. If you cannot find the material there, ask your agent or manager if it can be emailed to you. If all else fails, get to the audition early to get your hands on the material.
  4. Let Us Repeat that: GET THERE EARLY!
  5. Wardrobe: Take charge of the role you are auditioning for. Your wardrobe can help bring the character together. Be the full, visual package as well.
  6. Get in the Zone: When you are waiting for your audition, prepare and review the material. Make sure to center yourself and relax. Stay positive and confident, and get your mind and body in the best state of mind before your audition. Being your best means putting your mind at ease and letting your talent shine.
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