Headshot Tips – Look Your Best

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Headshot Tips - Look Your Best


Getting your headshots are important. They not only represent the physical image of the actor, but they represent the brand about the actor. You want this image to be something that can proudly represent you in all platforms. In order for this to happen, the picture has to look good.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your headshots.

  • Relax – Be yourself and take a few deep breaths. Being too anxious or uptight while being photographed can transfer to the photo.

  • Quit posing – We’re going to get repetitive in this blog post. Be yourself. You are trying to get yourself booked, not some super glamor posed version of yourself.

  • Keep it Simple – Like we said, no glamor photos. You don’t want your outfit to distract from your face. This is a headshot after all, isn’t it? Avoid crazy patterns and crazy up-dos. You want the casting director to look at your headshot and see what he has to work with. You don’t want to look like you can only fit in one type of role. Leave room for the director to be creative with casting

  • Care About Yourself – Get plenty of rest the night before and drink lots of water. This will keep those dark circles from appearing under your eyes.

  • Practice – Look in the mirror. Practice some facial expressions and observe the differences. You will feel more comfortable during the shoot and can provide some variety for your photographer

  • Wardrobe, Wardrobe, Wardrobe – Repetitive, see? We can’t touch on wardrobe enough for headshots. While the headshot is of your head, your clothes will make an appearance. Bring an extra change of clothes in case the outfit you wore doesn’t make the statement you are looking for. Avoid bright colors as they take away from the face, and think about what colors make your hair, eyes, and skin tone look best.

In order to get the best results, you have to meet your photographer half way and make their job as easy as possible. If they find their subject easy to shoot, they will be more comfortable. This means you are more likely to get that perfect headshot.

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