Standing Out During a Casting Call

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Standing Out During a Casting Call

Casting calls can be nerve racking. There are usually tons of people – lots who are really talented. While a good audition is always on your mind, standing out during a casting call also finds a place in your mind in crowds like this. So SmartActors is here to help!

Standing Out During a Casting Call

Standing Out During a Casting Call:

  • As always, wardrobe is a major focus. Lose the crazy striped socks and mismatching neon colored shirt. Ask yourself where is this casting call? When is this casting call? What kind of part am I looking to play?

  • Answer yourself – realistically. If this casting call is in an office setting, don’t wear your nightclub attire. Dress for the location, time of day, and the part you realistically think you can play.

  • Casting calls are tedious for the people who have to watch the auditions. They sit through things that are subpar, and sometimes dull. Not to mention actors can have a bad attitude after a long day. So, be a breath of fresh air. Have a positive attitude. Walk in with a smile. Listen to their constructive criticism, or any comments you receive and take it in stride.

  • This brings us to our next point. Be flexible. You want to be moldable so you can fit the role they are looking for. If something obviously isn’t working, don’t keep going in the same direction. Be confident in your audition, but don’t be afraid to listen to what the casting directors have to say.

  • Get in the right state of mind! We always stress this at SmartActors. Why? Because it helps! Keep calm, confident, and focused. If you want this to be a successful job, treat it like one! Work hard for the best results – this means being mentally and physically prepared.

  • Back to being flexible… don’t forget to also stay grounded. Lots of people see a casting call email or advertisement and show up with a list of conditions. Be open minded! Unless it is something you are really not comfortable with, or you feel you are being taken advantage of, be willing to be flexible in the demands of someone casting you, but stay grounded in the sense that you are realistic. Don’t expect to be able to go on that vacation you had been planning if you get the job. You have to be dedicated.

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