Carry these Keys with you!

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There are five key things that are important when working in this industry. Discipline is an important part because there are many people who want to be in this industry. It takes a lot of consistency because things are always changing and moving. You must keep at your craft and stay focused. For every moment that you are not strengthening your craft, someone else is. Find your balance and be the best you can be!feelingsRemember: Decisions aren't made with your feelings in mind. It's a business and decisions are made with that in mind. Do not take it personally. agents Although websites such as LA Casting, Actors Access, etc are all helpful tools, it would also be beneficial for you to seek representation. Your agent can get in you in other doors. Your agent is your teammate. Find an agent that is great for your type and direction. Agencies like CAA, Gersh, William Morris, Osbrink, Abrams Artist Agency are all amazing, but consider that their clientele are A-List actors. Would it be beneficial for you to seek representation at the top agencies? Make that decision and go after it! Remember: An agent is not supposed to request money up front. patience Be ready to put in the time. This industry requires a lot of time, long hours, training, marketing etc. It is also important to be patient. Find the right coach, the right head shot photographer, the right agent. Your time will come. Continue working on your craft and marketing yourself.   DO NOT BE DIVA! Nothing is more outputting than someone who is a diva! You want to have great work ethic and be easy to work with. Diva tendencies make it an unpleasant work environment.      

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