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Featured Class: Headshots – What to Expect

Serious questions we know you have: What should you expect on the day of your photo shoot? Is this anything like snapping pics with the fam or besties? Is there a difference between Commercial and Theatrical headshots? Denice has answers for all of that in this online acting lesson. This class will have you more relaxed & relieved than a postponed quiz you didn’t study...

Headshots – How to Choose a Great Photographer

By Denice Duff - 06:31
Do you know how to choose a great Headshot photographer? One of the biggest questions you might ask yourself is: Should I be worried if this photographer doesn’t have a website? Uhm, Yeeesssss!!! Or a concern might be… He’s so out of the loop. What do you do now? Well, in this online class for actors, Denice will take you step by step on how to choose a great photographer who will get the job done….....

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