Online Acting Classes: Audition Technique

Featured Class: Quiz-How a Dialect Coach Helps for Period Pieces

Mark Salyer teaches how dialect coaches can be a helpful tool for tackling those period...

Your First Audition

By Megan Foley - 05:34
Nervous about your first audition? Wondering what to expect? Megan Foley offers great tips on what you should do the second you walk into the...

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Want More Auditions? Step Up the Action

By Susie Mains - 05:01
Now you have an agent and/or manager, but you’re not getting as many auditions as you think you should have. In this online class for actors, Susie will tell you a little bit about what you can do to step your game...

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Casting Etiquette

By Megan Foley - 07:24
Check this online acting class out! Megan Foley wants to show you, yes you how to win over in your castings. She’s telling it all and if you want the 411, you don’t wanna miss this. The info she has is usually on a need-to-know basis but she’s letting the cat out of the bag. If you are just starting out or have been around and around and around you don’t want to miss this. She’s got scoops bigger than Cold Stone. You better come get some. Be IN the game. Not on the...

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Amazing Audition Technique Part I

By Alexia Robinson - 05:20
Now this series is a SERIOUS online acting class … So serious, it’s broken down like beach chairs into 3 parts! The techniques are drowned in “How to’s”, “What to’s” and “When to’s” before, during AND after auditions, and you thought Twilight left you speechless. Alexia has spent major minutes on the circuit with celebs, directors, producers and not to mention using her own acting experience to school you and that’s just Part I. Part II is like that roller coaster at MM you get on not knowing what to expect and it turns out to be your favorite ride!...

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