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Alexia Robinson

World Renowned Acting Coach

CEO and Founder, SmartActors | World Renowned Acting Coach

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CEO and Founder, SmartActors | World Renowned Acting Coach

Alexia Robinson is an Award Nominated director and has worked as an actor on some of the biggest blockbuster films to the most popular television shows! As far back as Hill St. Blues and as current as CSI Miami, Alexia has successfully worked in this business for almost 20 years! With a busy career spanning from her break on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Total Recall” to work on “CSI Miami.” Other roles include Eddie Murphy’s “Nutty Professor,” “MacArthur Park,” Series regular roles on “Good News,” “Savannah,” “The young and the Restless,” “Livin Large,” and “General Hospital.” Guest starring roles on “Veronica’s Closet,” “Murder One,” “Vengeance Unlimited,” “Eve,” “Malcolm and Eddie,” “Route 66” and much, much more! The list of Alexia’s celebrity students, friends and colleagues is the result of her long tenure as a Hollywood fixture and testament to her strong work ethic, passion, discipline, talent and reputation as a highly skilled artist as well as one of the most sought after acting coaches in the world!  

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"Six of Hollywood's most interesting stars..."
Alexia and the cast of "Good News."

Actor Reviews

Alexia is an amazing teacher, coach and human being. She skillfully and lovingly guides her students to find authentic and believable performances, time after time. I cannot recommend her enough to those who want to take their craft to another level. Alexia is the kind of teacher and coach you want to have on your team and the kind of person you want to know.
Stacey J Aswad, Actress, TV Host
My son has been coaching with Alexia Robinson for many years and has booked major network shows and films under her guidance. The extra attention and detail that she gives to him during his private coaching sessions is unsurpassed. It enables him to be able to take his audition to the next level, which leads to more bookings. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to set their child apart from the rest.
Kerrie Sarkissian, Talent Expert
I continue to apply the training you so generously shared with me when I trained at Alexia Robinson Studio, and it has been leaps and bounds above even what my college professors were able to deliver. Even with the training I do personally with clients, I am passing along your methods and inspiration. We never fully arrive! Thank you for contributing to my successes!!!
Andy Parks, Actor and SmartExpert
I'm so honored to work with Alexia Robinson, she truly broke down my walls that I tend to put up and truly experience the beauty of being vulnerable. It's almost therapeutic. Just from a few sessions, I got so much great feedback from casting directors and future acting jobs. I'm excited to see what the future brings with such a beautiful being like Alexia on my team.
Comfort Fedoke, Actor, Dancer-'So You Think You Can Dance'
Alexia is nurturing and committed to the success of her students. She knows how to effectively work with each actor and bring out their brilliance!
Sarah T. Lewis, Actor
We love Alexia Robinson!!! She has been amazing to work with. My 9 year old son enjoys working with her via Skype and has received valuable information that has helped him with his acting career. We will continue to use Alexia for all our acting coach needs. Thank you Alexia...
Bridgette Payton, Mom of Hunter Payton
Training at Alexia Robinson Studio and is like creating a 3D World. Something to live in and be a part of. It's an unbelievable experience.
Pete Switenko, Actor
Alexia Robinson is one of the most influential people I know. She has such a kind heart and has a passion for helping her students reach their goals as an actor. Her teaching methods are tremendous!
Kristen Marquez, Actor
My daughter, Tess Aubert, had the great opportunity to work with both Alexia Robinson and Stephanie. She learned so much from these wonderful teachers. Alexia and Stephanie know what they're doing. They are the experts when it comes to on camera acting. They focused a lot on relaxation and the characters' background. Alexia and Stephanie are not only good teachers. They are also very encouraging. My daughter cannot wait to do more work with them. We are so thrilled we were able to coach via webcam as well.
Tess Aubert, Paris, France
Alexia is not only changing the way I perform but the way I think, and I can't imagine not training with her.
Noëlle Renée Bercy

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Industry Reviews

I've never seen so many talented actors in one place! That place was Alexia Robinson Studio.
Marnie Saitta, Casting Director of Days of Our Lives
Alexia is profoundly talented. Training with Alexia Robinson means training to someday be called, “The best!“
Meg DeLoatch, Creator of ‘Eve,' Producer-Growing Up And Down and Austin And Alley
Alexia is a phenomenal coach! The difference between her and other acting coaches is that Alexia has been there and truly knows what is required to book that series regular role or starring role in a feature film! You can’t find a more passionate and caring acting coach as Alexia! She’s in a league of her own! Alexia genuinely cares about her clients and she will do whatever is takes for you to succeed.
June Saruwatari, World Renowned Life Coach, Author, Actor
I have been associated with Alexia for about 11 years now, both as a business colleague and a friend. I have found her to be a rare person who truly cares about her work and the lives of others. I have seen her acting abilities, teachings, and interactions with her students and people in general. She is a person one would want to have on a team and as a good friend as well.
Frank Bettag, Independent Media Production Professional
Alexia Robinson is a master.
David Krapes, Terra Nova Entertainment
I have watched students progress from starry eyed wannabees to fully accomplished professional actors on television and film under the guidance of Alexia Robinson.”
Akira Nakano, Producer and Pianist
Coming from an actor herself, Alexia is not only one of the most informative coaches in Los Angeles, but by far one of the most moving and inspiring coaches I've experienced in the business.
Edward Cohen, Producer
Alexia Robinson is in a class by herself … top notch all the way!
Mike O’Dell, Bobby Ball Talent Agency

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