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Andy Parks

Top Acting Coach

Andy is owner and producer of “The Big Dill Improv Show” which has... Read More
Andy is owner and producer of “The Big Dill Improv Show” which has had 4 highly successful season's in Branson Missouri. Based on Proverbs 17:22, laughter does good like medicine. The show has performed for large and small corporations, colleges and charities. They have also done numerous improv workshops in public schools and for adults. Andy can be seen in such films as Monopoly Heist and Boston Strangler as well as many others. Commercials and voice overs include Taco Bell, Office Depot, Mervyns, PS2, His Life and LA Tours. He is an accomplished performer in Theater including The Bill Dill Improv Show, Yakov Smirnoff Show, Lights Out For Louie, Mouse Trap, Chicago, 2008-2011 Sight & Sound Theatres and others. Training includes The Big Dill Improv Show, Alexia Robinson Studio, Point Park Conservatory, Acting with Rich Keitel, Ron Lindblum, Kate Aronson, and Earl Grove. He has trained with Raymond Laine and Robin Walsh for voice over. Andy is accomplished at character voices and dialects as well.  

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Actor Reviews

Andy Parks is a great teacher and a lot of fun to work with, especially when it comes to improvisational comedy. He really helped me to open up my inner 'comedian'. I went from just trying to make people laugh to working with my scene partner for more genuine laughter from the audience. He helped me learn how to make more interesting character choices and broaden my views on what a scene was capable of. Not only did this improve many aspects of my acting abilities, not just comedy, but I gained more confidence in myself and my talents. Thanks Andy!
Colton Smith, Dixie Stampede/Comedian
Andy's class was life changing! I had an absolute blast! There are very few people in this world who have the ability to light up a room the way that he does. Andy's laughter, sincerity, and passion for people are contagious. You will learn how to trust yourself while creating. As well as other techniques that you can carry with you always. He really knows how to bring out your best! Believe me when I say, you will be forever changed!
Becca Jarvis, Actor

Industry Reviews

I'm so excited to endorse Andy Parks! I trained him for years and in my opinion, he's a comedy genius! I've only said this about 2 actors and he's one of them! Incredible, mind blowing talent! Yes, he can teach also!!! So, if you need help with improv, comedy and timing, he's the guy!
Alexia Robinson, CEO, SmartActors