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Dahlia Wilde

Top Writer, Producer and Acting Coach

BENENSON ART SCHOLARSHIP, Duke Universit... Read More
BENENSON ART SCHOLARSHIP, Duke University 1986 for bridging the disciplines of Art and Science. 

DR. STEVEN WAINWRIGHT FELLOWSHIP, Duke University 1986 for my work in Biology and Design.

HARRY S. TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIP in PUBLIC SERVICE, 1984-1988 and I attended St. Peter’s College at OXFORD UNIVERSITY. I published my thesis on “Mammalian Milk Composition in Mammals” at Oxford University under the guidance of Dr. Malcolm Coe, PhD. and Dr. Richard Dawkins, PhD.

After completion of my international study in “FILM, TELEVISION and CONSCIOUSNESS” with the INTERNATIONAL HONORS PROGRAM that was affiliated with HARVARD UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF CINEMA and Dr. Stanley Cavell, I published my report of “CONSCIOUSNESS AND AGING” with the KALTENBORN FOUNDATION who had awarded me a grant to study aging and consciousness around the world as it was reflected in the theatre and film of England, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand and HongKong.

Appearance as “Janice” on Fox Television’s “FLYING BLIND” and “WILD OATS” in 1992. 

I starred in John O’Keefe’s play “DISGRACE” at the PADUA FESTIVAL created by Sam Shephard in 1992. I transferred and produced “DISGRACE” in Hollywood in 1992 and was awarded 5 DRAMALOGUE AWARDS.

I wrote, produced and starred in this production. 


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