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Donte Essien

Dance Pro!

Since the age of 14 Donte Essien performed in Denver’s most elite th... Read More
Since the age of 14 Donte Essien performed in Denver’s most elite theaters such as The Denver Center of Performing Arts, The Buell Theater, and the Historic Paramount Theatre. Donte attended Denver School of the Arts as a Theater Major. Additionally, Donte has extensive dance experience and coaches dancers in Hollywood and is now coaching actors around the world via After moving to LA in 2010 his career launched. He was seen on hit television shows including Disney Channels, “SHAKE IT UP”, “GOOD LUCK CHARLIE”, and Nickelodeon’s “VICTORIOUS”. After becoming world renowned acting coach, Alexia Robinson’s protégé, Donte uses specific tools giving each client the independence to make their dreams become REALITY!      

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Actor Reviews

Marcus has been studying under Donte for almost a year and taking Private Classes with him for several months preparing for a Solo Performance at the Starbound Competition. Marcus earned an Elite Gold! Donte has a special gift to translate his gift of dance and teaching to his students. Marcus says “ He is one of the Greatest Dance teachers I've ever worked with”
Tawn Hanson
I had the joy of watching Donte Essien when taking class at the edge. He has a natural gift for movement and dynamics. He inspired me with his sharpness, control and wonderful energy. Donte is truly one of a kind!
Jon ole Olstad - Former member of NDT1 (Netherlands Dance Theater 1)
When I first saw Donte Essien perform I became inspired by him." "He Moves with agility and Finesse. I wish I could move like that!" "Even as an actor he displays so much control and care." "I'm always moved by him!"
Jil Chrissie - Comedian

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Industry Reviews

Hello, my name is Chris Downey and I'm a Choreographer for the FOSTERS on ABC family. I've had the privilege of working with Donte Essien on ABC's THE FOSTERS. His professionalism and high spirit was a pleasure to be around. He was always at rehearsal on time and was always giving 100%. And just to add to that, the man has got some insane talent. It made my job as a choreographer much easier because he allowed me to be creative with my vision and play around with different types of movement. I cannot wait to work with Donte again!
Chris Downey