CHIT CHAT What People Are Saying Around the World About SmartActors

  • I love working with actors! I feel good knowing that I make a real difference in their their careers!

    Susie Mains
    SmartActors and World Renowned Expert, The Dr. Phil Show

  • As a British Actor currently making a transition to Los Angeles, I have been fortunate to see SmartActors classes – Which I found to be informative and interesting.

    David Olawale Ayinde
    British Actor, London UK

  • Living in a small town, I really wanted to get training from one of the best coaches that I could. Yes, we get auditions in little rural areas too. SmartActors coaches got me ready for my audition and I felt super confident. When I'm ready to make the move to LA, I know with my skype training, I will be all set.

    Janet Mitchell

  • I thought I couldn't learn how to become a stronger actor online. SmartActors is the real deal because my work improved 125%.

    Nick Khanbabian

  • SmartActors classes are easy to follow and packed with great tips. I'm getting so much information for such a great price!!!

    Kristen Marquez

  • SmartActors gives a broader scope, by giving actors the opportunity to train with Top instructors, which can better equip actors to book jobs.

    Frank Bettag

  • I learned very important information that will benefit me in my life and my career. SmartActors is really, really great!

    Skylan Brooks
    Actor, The Inevitable Mister Peet, Duck, ICarly

  • SmartActors is an amazing tool! This resource saves time and money. What a gift to have guidance of this caliber.

    Shelby Holloway

  • I applied the techniques and information I learned from SmartActors and my callback rates shot through the roof! I know that a booking is soon to follow! SmartActors is a goldmine for actors.

    Tiffany Addison
    Actor, Chicago, IL

  • What a valuable tool for actors. I will share this with all of my clients!

    Shelly Jefferies
    Hollywood Agent

  • SmartActors is the key to success helping young actors launch their careers!

    Maria Hernandez

  • SmartActors classes are simple, detailed and clear. I would recommend SmartActors to everyone.

    Chandra Arribo

  • My training. My way. My time.

    Keith Stoller

  • My daughter booked an acting job after 1 month!

    C. Hill

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