Acting Tutorials Tips


  •   Try focusing on 2 to 3 classes per month.
  •   Repeat those same classes over and over again until it sticks.
  •   SmartActors classes can also be used as a great resource to brush up on specific topics as needed.


  • How To Get Started
  • Scene Study
  • Improv
  • Headshots
  • Then pick and choose.

Intermediate and Advanced

  • Scene Study
  • Improv
  • Audition Technique
  • Agent | Manager (If applicable)
  • Then pick and choose.

Always Growing Library with Monthly Updated Classes

Wonderful World of Voice Overs

By Julianne Grossman - 05:16 | All Skill Levels
Ahhhhhh, Voice Overs ... Ever wondered what is a voiceover or if you could do voiceovers? In this online class for actors, Award winning, Julianne Grossman has a fab and crystal approach...

Categories: Voice Overs

Your First Audition

By Megan Foley - 05:34 | Beginner
Nervous about your first audition? Wondering what to expect? Megan Foley offers great tips on what you should do the second you walk into the...

Categories: Audition Technique, Commercials,

"What makes really great is that you can train with many coaches all in one place. If I need a particular type of training at a moments notice, it's right there."
- Pete Switenko, Actor