Acting Tutorials Tips


  •   Try focusing on 2 to 3 classes per month.
  •   Repeat those same classes over and over again until it sticks.
  •   SmartActors classes can also be used as a great resource to brush up on specific topics as needed.


  • How To Get Started
  • Scene Study
  • Improv
  • Headshots
  • Then pick and choose.

Intermediate and Advanced

  • Scene Study
  • Improv
  • Audition Technique
  • Agent | Manager (If applicable)
  • Then pick and choose.

Always Growing Library with Monthly Updated Classes

Amazing Audition Technique Part II

By Alexia Robinson - 05:27 | Advanced
Part II is the roller coaster ride. To avoid Huh? And What? Moments don’t hopscotch over Part I. That’s like a snicker bar with no caramel… No point, right? This...

Categories: Audition Technique

Amazing Audition Technique Part III

By Alexia Robinson - 05:36 | Advanced
Pulling it together! The caboose series, also Part III of this online acting class. Do you freeze in front of the camera? Stray from the script? Pass on taking notes...

Categories: Audition Technique

Are You a Stage Mom

By Susie Mains - 06:25 | All Skill Levels
Are you trying to figure out if you’re a stage mom? Mmmmm … Well in this online class for actors, Susie will tell you the signs, and then you decide...

Categories: Parents,

Auditioning for Period Pieces Part I

By Mark Salyer - 2:19 | All Skill Levels
Mark Salyer teaches you to how to figure out what to wear when auditioning for period...

Categories: Coaches, Difficulty, What To Wear

"What makes really great is that you can train with many coaches all in one place. If I need a particular type of training at a moments notice, it's right there."
- Pete Switenko, Actor